Shipping & Returns

Shipping Details

The shipping info you need to know..

Every Mi Adidas product is made to order, Mi Adidas has an estimated time for each product which range from 3-4 weeks for orders to be created and sent to our US warehouse. Once we have received your order, we then start shipping the order to Australia or New Zealand using USPS (United States Postal Services) Priority Mail International which an ETA is 6-10 Business Days*.

Delivery will vary depending on the period it takes Adidas USA to make your order and delivery time. When the item is in Australia it will then be shipped to your Australian address through Australia Post. New Zealand customers will receive delivery from New Zealand Post.

Shipping Fee

The pricing structure..

We use USPS ( United States Postal Services ) Priority Mail International 6-10 days to deliver to Australia or New Zealand. A single shoe box is about 2-3 Pounds which the price for a single pair of shoe(s) is $50 AUD. For 2 pairs its $60 but for more additional items its only $15 additional per item after the 2nd pair.

If you would like 2 shoes as an example, its $50 AUD for the first item and $11 for 1 additional item. If you want 3 pairs or more its an extra $15 each addition item.Total of $60 AUD for 2 pairs or $75 for 3 pairs as an example.

Order Status

How do i track my order..

To track your order a tracking number will be provided upon confirmation of delivery For additional information regarding your tracking number, please refer to the USPS website. As advised above we won’t have more information given then whats shown, please contact Australia Post or New Zealand post for further information with the tracking # provided.

The Policies

Return Policy

Mi Adidas products are created just for you. That means we cannot accept returns, except for manufacturing defects.

Cancellation Policies

We’re sorry, but we aren’t able to cancel or modify your order, even if it hasn’t shipped yet

Defective Item

We inspect all items prior to shipping to Australia and will notify yourself of ANY faulty goods. Adidas also insptect all products prior to shipping by their Quality Assurance Department and the cost of the product will be refunded if the damage is the result of a manufacturing defect or deviation from factory specifications.

To view all policies that Adidas has please visit the following link

Purchasing Direct from Mi Adidas

Why can’t i purchase direct from Mi Adidas..

At this time, does not accept international orders. To place an order, your form of payment must be issued and billed within the United States, as well as shipped within the Continental United States.