Share Process

Unofficial Guide to Sharing Your Design

Before you can share, create the shoe design!

You will firstly need to ensure you have read the initial step of designing your custom Adidas shoes on the design page using the guide provided, and also completed creating a design on the Mi Adidas website. Once you have completed this and ensured all steps have been completed you can now share the design.

This guide will give you instructions on how you should share your design to order your custom mi adidas shoes and shipping them to Australia at the best possible price.

Sharing your design

Completing all steps available!

Once you have designed your custom Mi adidas shoes on the Mi Adidas USA website make sure you completed all the steps necessary as shown on the image below. Failing to completing a design will delay you responses and can also result in confusion in designs.

Please ensure you ONLY proceed with the next steps to share the custom mi adidas design when you have completed the design.

1. Copy the URL

Once you have finished the design and ensured its completed locate the URL button and copy the URL to notepad or keep it in file. It may look like this “”

Mi Adidas Share step url

2. Find the email button

Once you have copied the URL, at the right of the page click the email button to start the process. You can find an example below of where the button is located

Mi Adidas Share step2

3. Entering your details…

All you need to do now is fill the form out with a valid email address and ensure you have put your correct email. You should then receive the email of your design.

Mi Adidas Share step3

4. Forwarding the email

Once you have finished your final design and have got the email in your inbox, you can now forward the email to the following email which you will get a reply with further instructions. Without forwarding the email noone will see or email you how you can purchase your custom mi adidas in Australia.

Provide the URL you have copied from Step 1 into the email so we have a direct link to the design, without this we can’t view your custom design. We also advise to provide some description of the design so we are sure we are looking at the right design.

Please forward the email to:

Completed sharing

Finished creating your design and sharing it with us..

Once you have completed sharing your design, you will get a response with instructions on what you need to do to make an order of the custom Adidas design you have just shared. Please ensure you forward the design from your email and not use our email directly on the website.

Replies will vary on the time you have shared the custom Mi Adidas shoe design, but can be sent within 5 minutes.

IMPORTANT! Ensure you read the instructions carefully, enter YOUR details on the form on the adidas website and forward it to us

I haven’t got a reply

Again, ensure you send the design to your personal email first and then forward that exact email to the one specified above as doing it direct will cause issues as your email is not passed across to email instructions.