Order Process

Order your custom Mi Adidas in Australia or New Zealand

Have you designed, and shared..

So you are looking to order and have shared your design(s) with the email specified, check your email as you most likely will get a response with further instructions on what you need to do.

Email responses will vary depending on the day and time you have shared your custom Mi Adidas design, a response can almost immediately happen so check your email! Please allow us at least 24 hours for a response, ensure you don’t forward the design multiple times as you will most likely get blocked.

NOTE: It takes Mi Adidas up to 4 weeks for custom shoes to be made. You can verify this on there website when choosing your Adidas product.

Ordering Costs

What costs are involved..

The costs will depend on what item you are looking to order, the prices on each custom Mi Adidas shoe isn’t a flat rate which is why you are offered the best price. Off course there is a profit margin added for the services, unfortunately it’s not a free service.

Prices on the actual Mi Adidas website don’t shoe true purchase price as you need to factor in the US sales tax (%8.25) that needs to be added, as well as the US ground shipping ($12).

The below total price is what it would cost anyone in the USA to purchase the custom Mi Adidas shoe at the USD price, then you need to find someone who can pay for the item, post it, repack it then pay for credit card and exchange rate fees. Why?

Example: The custom adidas shoe you want is advertised on Mi Adidas for $105 USD. You need to add the following as a cost price from purchasing of Mi Adidas itself.

Product Price ( $105 USD ) +
8.25% Sales Tax ( $8.66 USD ) +
Ground Shipping ( $12 USD )

Total cost price from Mi Adidas: $105+ $8.66 + $12 = $125.66 USD.

The prices include..

The website prices that we set on each product include the following with no other additional hidden costs and is in Australian Dollar(AUD).

  • US Sales Taxes
  • US Ground Shipping
  • International Credit Card Fees
  • Exchange Rate Fees
  • Repacking Fee
  • Paying for the Products on your behalf
  • Australian GST
  • Service Fee